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This year at Tui we've been busy planning and building new projects to enhance the environment of the park.

Waterforce sponsor ponds at Tui Nature ReserveNew ponds, will be the biggest project. It will be a serie of three ponds, situated on the plateau forest.

pond conservation parl Marlborough

The largest of the three has already been completed, thanks to the sponsoring of Department of Conservation and Waterforce Blenheim. 

As we are located 180 meter above sealevel, it will be the main water source on this level for the birds in the summer months. Having permanent water in the area will be a big step forward for future releases such as perhaps the South Island Robin.


Another project that is going well is the training of our two predator control dogs. Late September the first interim assessment is planned. If they pass they'll be a significant contribution to the safety of the native wildlife here. Monitoring the wildpark for rodents, will be much easier with the dogs present.

The planned pig fence to protect the peninsula from larger animals is also on the board. Raising money for our third, of the total cost, is still necessary but thanks to contributions from many local people at our last Open Day, the progress is promising.

Extensions are also underway for the enclosures and aviaries. We hope to be able to start constructing before long and ready to welcome new animals into the breeding programme.

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