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Summer 2008Life is buzzing in the reserve, the numbers of visitors have almost doubled since last year, a welcome boost to keep the project going. Also more interest in our eco-boat tours but this still needs more promotion. Many young birds were noticed and the trees are full of seeds. A visit from the biodiversity manager (Department of Conservation) was very positive! His remark, that our project was well on the way is a big push for our spirits. Also his advice on several subjects was very useful. Set back was our waspcontrol, again, the wasp bait was unavailable this year which is disappointing after the very positive results two years ago.

The two Green Gecko’s that live in our enclosure since December are doing well. In April, a third gecko is coming. This one already has a sponsor who named it ‘Bing’, we keep you informed on that. The other great news is that in April there are also two Kakariki’s, native Green Parakeet, arriving and we like
to thank Lochmara Lodge for their support and input.
Our sponsorlist is growing since we started last year but there is still room for more.

A new load of Tim possum traps came in and next month we make a start with installing new lines on the peninsula.
James the weka king, and his mate Flower, have been living around our home for over seven years, and several weeks ago they had another nest with three healthy chicks. It seems that the restoring of the bush is creating alot of young life, including for us, we are expecting a third young baby ranger this year, oops! If you are interested the baby is due late September, begin October.

Liam and Leona made a great discovery in the bush, they found a huge gecko on a tree and with the help of Mike Aviss (Biodiversity Manager) and Tony Whitaker (NZ reptile expert) it was identified as a huge Forest Gecko. The first one seen in the bush since we started fourteen years ago. Very promising!

forest gecko Marlborough New Zealand gecko

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