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We saw many visitors this season, a welcome boost to our project. We noticed a keen interest in our conservation project and we provided many eco-tours. Hopefully this will be a growing trend in the future.

What’s happening in the park?

We have introduced another Marlborough Green Gecko (named ‘Bing’ by his sponsors, many thanks to Inge and Bart from Bing Art Shop). We visited the local representive from the Herpetological Society who is also one of the few breeders for the Marlborough Green Gecko, he showed us his impressive breeding programme. His efforts and knowledge are very important for a local project like ours. Many thanks to Roger Larsen!

And yes … we have the sound of the Kakariki back in the park. It is great to see the arrival of two pair of the Red Crowned Kakariki. After careful selection from all over the place by the Terry family, and a lot of travelling by plane, car and boat they arrived in May and are doing really well! It was a special moment for us to see some species returning to the peninsula, still in an enclosure but a start is made. We like to thank everyone involved to make this all possible, but especially Pat Terry who worked very hard to organise everything and is also providing us with his knowledge and advice.

The arrival of the Kakariki has forced us to relocate our heli path, a suitable spot is found and we are ready for emergencies.

We are busy with the installment of new trap lines (Timm traps) on Treble Tree Point and with the upgraded trapping scheme we expect a boost for the wildlife. There are also more pig hunters in the area this year and we noticed a drop in the pig numbers. Still an ongoing problem till a fence is established but it is very important to have low numbers to keep the damage to a minimum!

Our sponsor list is growing and we are working on a certificate with the symbol chosen by the sponsor. Sponsors can expect those certificates by mail in the near future.

With a growing interest in our eco boat tours we are looking at improvements like pick up locations and more promotion. Also with the rising fuel prices we are looking at ways to keep the prices down, for example by combined trips.

Many thanks for all your input and we keep you posted!

Tui team

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