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Some updates from Tui Nature Reserve,

What happened since June? Lots! First our biggest surprise, little Esmae, who was born in September (Havelock). A welcome new healthy baby girl for the Tui team!

It’s going up and down in the park, despite the ongoing predator control a stoat has been seen, stealing eggs from a Tui nest and also the first wild goats arrived on the peninsula. Already doing damage on young vegetation on a coastal area. We are on to it!

We had a visit from a consultant, employed by the Marlborough District Council, who made a report regarding the predator control of the peninsula. This is very useful for future improvements and activities. This report is also used for a funding application to continue and upgrade the existing program. Many thanks to the consultant, Dave Butler and Nicky Eade from the Marlborough District Council, for their hard work.

A group came together to promote the Nydia Bay walk, a great walk, not discovered yet by large amount of tourist. Idea is to have a circle in place for eco-travellers who like to combine tramping, boating, kayaking and a visit to our conservation park.

Tui Nature Reserve is stepping up the Eco-boat tours with a bigger vessel ‘The Tui Experience’.

Suitable for groups ( 8-10 ) we are starting tours from Havelock and Elaine Bay and also providing transport for the Nydia track. Click here to read more on our website.

We had a lot of publicity this year, NZ Womens Weekly, Sunday Times, Singapore Airlines (inflight magazine), Holland Focus magazine, Marlborough Express and the Nelson Mail. Hopefully all contributing to the success of the wildpark!

Once again many thanks to the Blueflowers Designers team, with all the growing publicity and activities they are working hard to keep up with the changes on the web sites, brochures, leaflets etc, etc, etc.

The several species are doing well in the enclosures, but we are discussing some new species for the third enclosure with the Department of Conservation, we keep you posted.

We have entered a competition for the Environmental Award (first time) we believe it is time to expose the environmental efforts made to restore the native bush and its wildlife in the Outer Pelorus.

Recently we developed a partnership programme to attract business who would like to use the bio-diversity project to ‘green’ their product. With the funding available from this programme we are planning to start up several new projects to improve the wildlife habitat, for example, of the Little Blue Penguin.

Finally, the ‘one hectare sponsors’ list is growing and we are very grateful for the interest so far – more info on the sponsor page.

We like to thank all of you for your interest, input, sponsorship, bookings and advise all contributing to the restoration of native bush and wildlife,

We wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2009!

Tui Team,

Ellen, Brian, Leona, Liam and Esmae

Tui Nature Reserve Wildlife Trust

Email: | Phone: +64 (0)27 4483447

Private Bag 65023, Havelock 7150 Marlborough