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With the weather reasonably calm, we were relieved to give the ‘go ahead’ for the Open Day on Saturday the 30th of May. There were about fifty people who arrived on five boats, two from Havelock, two local ones and our own.

Marlborough environmental award 2009 Tui Nature Reserve open day

The whole group arrived at the eco-cabins at about 11.00am, everything went smooth. After a word of welcome we had our lunch, complemented with some salmon kindly supplied by our sponsor, New Zealand King Salmon, followed by the start of the tour.

Leona and Liam took one group for a walk to see the recovering Kohe kohe trees and a look at the breeding enclosures while Brian went with the other group for a bush walk. After about an hour the groups met and swapped tour host(s), finishing it off with a walk to the top of the hill from where you have 360 degree views all over the Sounds.

A great day, we thoroughly enjoyed it and we would like to thank Nicky Eade and Penny Wardle from the Council for the whole organisation, which was a lot of work.

To all people that were there, thank you for coming and we hope to see you again some time!

 Marlborough environmental award 2009 Tui Nature Reserve open day

Marlborough environmental award 2009 Tui Nature Reserve open day

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