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Tui Nature Reserve got invited for a speech at the AGM meeting from Kaipupu Point in Picton earlier this month.

Kaipupu Point meeting Picton Marlborough

The speech went really well. It was great to meet people that are working on a similar project. We visited Kaipupu’s predator control fence that is almost finished. The total protected area will be 42 hectare and is very close to Picton.

It is interesting that we are working towards a fence with a predator control programme in place, they on the other hand, work the other way around, and started with a fence and now work on clearing the area.

There is a lot of interest from landowners in how to set up a programme to control pests. There was even another invitation to speak with local landowners, to put some practical solutions in place.

A keen interest was voiced to organize another Open Day, this time for the residents of Picton. Department of Conservation has offered to organize one in April.

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