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Busy month ahead of us!

The accommodation and tours are keeping us busy this summer, we have met wonderful people and are having a great time!

Coming March, will be a very busy time too, on the 5th of March we are organizing a CONSERVATION VOLUNTEER WEEK, whether you are 18 or 60, everyone is welcome, you only need a reasonable fitness to be able to walk in the hills. The week will cover everything, from invasive plants to checking the predator control traps, and penguin chambers. Click here to read more details on our conservation website.

On the 14th of March (back up date on the 21st of March) is another OPEN DAY planned, this time it is aimed at people from the Picton area but everyone is welcome. The boat will be leaving from Havelock, for more information you can send us a quick email and we will pass you on to the person who is organizing the day.

After the big scale attack on the rats, there are noticeable changes. We never seen that many young birds, it is clear, that taking out a large amount of rats, has made a huge impact on the birdlife. Excellent result! Even better, Brian is already working on another trapline, as someone kindly donated another 25 rat traps with chambers, thanks!

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