Tui Nature Reserve Wildlife Trust

We would like to introduce the Tui Nature Reserve Wildlife Trust ( cc 47451), a registered charitable organisation, which was established in 2011, and to encourage you to become a supporting member of the Trust. This organisation has made a commitment to protect and enhance the natural heritage of Tui Nature Reserve, Marlborough Sounds.
(Underneath this letter you will find the Aims and Missions of the Trust)

The Trust oversees the Tui Nature Reserve Biodiversity project, a project that was started in 1994 with the aim of restoration of the natural heritage of the Otuhoto Peninsula in the Waitata Reach, Outer Pelorus, Marlborough Sounds.
This award winning project is well on its way to being successful in the restoration of the native habitat and its wildlife, breeding of captive native species for release and the planned re-introduction of species formerly present, such as the South Island Robin. This has been made possible with the help of many volunteers from all over the world.

The Trust has developed educational programmes for young people to encourage the awareness of environmental matters.

The Board has five Trustees and an Advisory Group of 16 members, with a wide range of skills and expertise who are all contributing towards the intentions of the Trust.

The list of endangered species in New Zealand is growing, partly by the degradation of habitat by introduced predators, such as possum, mustelids, goat, wild pig, deer, etc. The members of the Trust are all working hard to bring about a reversal of this situation within the Tui Nature Reserve. In order to fund the many activities needed to reverse the decline, the Board is welcoming anyone to become a supporting member of the Trust.

New members will receive a newsletter twice a year, be informed about ongoing activities at Tui Nature Reserve, such as Open Days, presentations, workshops, ongoing restoration work and practical fieldtrips.

We look forward to adding you to our membership list so that you can be a part of some much needed positive action working with the Tui Nature Reserve Wildlife Trust to help restore the functional integrity of the reserve and the wider environment.

Warm Regards,

Brian Plaisier - Chairman

To assist the promotion of projects, services and advocacy that promotes and/or benefits the preservation, protection and/or restoration of the natural heritage of the Otuhoto peninsula in the Waitata Reach, Outer Pelorus, Marlborough Sounds.
Invite and stimulate understanding and appreciation of the environment specific to the Tui Nature Reserve and to conserve wildlife by promoting restoration, education and research of New Zealand's habitat within local communities within Marlborough and nationwide to ensure that environmental awareness is passed on to the next generation(s).
To generally support and contribute to the growth of the reserve as a significant and vital element for the well being of all endangered native species.

The Tui Nature Reserve, located in the Outer Pelorus Sound in the Marlborough Sounds, held its first open day for students from Nelson and Marlborough on Saturday, September 17, 2011, in a move to educate youth about what has become an important conservation project in the upper South Island.