Private Sponsoring - Adopt a Hectare

Be part of Conservation park Tui Nature Reserve New Zealand.

IMAGINE adopting a hectare of native bush that is habitat to some of New Zealand's prized flora and fauna, knowing your participation will contribute to the protection and care for these species.

Recognised for years of remarkable conservation work and successful progress in restoring native bush and wildlife populations, Tui Native Reserve has developed a forward-thinking plan for designating thirty-eight options, one hectare each, and making these available for 'adoption' through sponsorship. Sponsor contributions are helping to conserve important eco-systems, and to expand this vital environmental work.

Conservation park Tui Nature Reserve is made up of 42 hectares (approx 100 acres) of mature and regenerating native bush and wildlife, located in the Outer Pelorus, in the Marlborough Sounds on New Zealand's South Island. Thirty-eight hectares are legally protected as part of the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust, thus ensuring preservation for generations to come. As part of a peninsula, reachable only by boat or floatplane, the Reserve will in time become one of New Zealand's few 'mainland island’ sanctuaries. 

As a sponsor's symbol of contribution to the enlarged care of a hectare (or multiple hectares, if you chose) a particular species can be 'adopted.’ For example, the now threatened Kohekohe tree or the Tomtit might be your choice of how to symbolize your involvement in the care of that specie's habitat.

This is a sponsor program with a difference. You will actually be able to experience what your sponsorship is doing for the environment.

The 'plateau forest' of the reserve, lying at 180 meters above sea level, is the site of two fully furnished eco-cabins and a two-bedroom cottage that provide for comfortable accommodation with spectacular views of the Outer Sounds.

The fee to adopt one hectare for a year is NZ$ 200.00 , which will pay for 10 hours of annual pest control for your hectare of sponsored forest. Sponsors will be eligible for:

Consider doing this for the earth; or for your family's growing understanding of how even a small unit of eco-effort can become part of a truly better world.