About us

We started Tui Nature Reserve in 1994 by buying 42 hectare of bush, part from a 160 hectare peninsula, with boat access only. The reserve is located in the Outer Pelorus, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand.

From the beginning our main goal was to create a ‘mainland island’ with the original wildlife. A huge challenge, with clear evidence of a struggling eco-system devastated by introduced species like possums, rats, pigs, stoats, etc. etc. Almost no birds and much of the trees covered with a grey canopy was evidence that action was needed to save this forest. We decided to buy this land. With limited knowledge and budget, we started a low key pest management scheme. Our knowledge and skills were boosted due to the help of The Department of Conservation, books and possum trappers.Liam and Leona with their predator dogs

Our two young rangers Leona and Liam, who are growing up in the bush,  are sharing our visions and passions to restore the bush and are actively involved in it.

To support our conservation project we built eco accommodation in the reserve and give eco boat tours. All our profits from the accommodation and boat tours is used for maintenance and improvements in the reserve. Donations and grants are used to start new projects and to keep up with the ongoing cost and to secure the future of the reserve.